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Enable system enforced separation of duties between developing and approving a library


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Description -

From a governance perspective separation of duties between Developing, Approving and Publishing a library is really important to us.


Unfortunately, the permissions management in Adobe Launch is not flexible enough to enable us to enforce a separation of duties between developing and approving a library.


This is because like many Digital Analytics teams we do not have enough people to have a separate development team with development rights and a separate testing team with approval rights.  Instead, users perform both development and testing activities which means they have to hold both the "develop" and "approve" permissions.  This means the system will allow the user to approve a library that they have submitted for approval (i.e. they can approve something they have developed, therefore no system enforced separation of duties).

Why is this feature important to you -

Governance and security is incredibly important to our organisation and many other organisations

How would you like the feature to work -

I would like to be able to prevent people with the "approve" permission from approving libraries they have submitted for approval and only allow them to approve libraries submitted by some one else.  A new permission could be created call "approve libraries submitted by others" (or something along those lines!)

Current Behaviour -

Users can approve libraries submitted by themselves if they hold develop and approve permissions