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Drag and Drop built libraries through the publish process


Level 3


I would like to drag and drop successfully built (green dot) libraries through the publish process. I think the swim lane design affords this pretty well and would save some clicks and scrolling.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 12.29.02 PM.png





johns11464729 Thanks for the suggestion! We have explored this idea from a design perspective in the past. Of course, we are totally open to considering it again. At first blush I really like it! It feels nice to drag and drop. 

There are a few concerns that came up last time. We have to think about what happens when the build fails or when it takes a long time. Technically the library isn't in the dropped stage until the build succeeds, so being able to drop it there is kind of misleading. One solution might be to start a build when the card is dropped and then revert it back to where you picked it up from. When the build completes it would move to the next stage as it does today.