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data element scope question


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Hi Community,

I was recently asked about scope (storage duration) in Adobe launch and I struggled to find a good answer for using it other than it stores and persists the value based on the scope selected to ensure a "value" is collected whether it exists in the data element at the time or recalls it from storage incase of null or undefined.

I was recently told by a consultant that we should by default just use "None" for scope but my understanding is that the new "None" is used specifically for single page apps. but after thinking about it more, I assume that it truly doesn't matter since if a user clears cache the storage will disappear anyway and that the eVar variable expiration will persist the value anyway.

article on SPA and storage: https://medium.com/adobetech/none-data-element-storage-duration-bce063e7fd73

So am I correct to come to the conclusion that there is no sensible reason or example to need to use scope other than "None"?

Does anyone have any good examples to share to use scope other than "None"?

thanks in advance

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