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Canonical tags & Data Collection


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Is there any way to add a Canonical tag (or any other) to the <head> part of a certain page (or pages, using regex)? It should look like this:


<link rel="canonical" href="www.example.com" />


I have done my research my could not find anything. I know there are a couple of threads regarding this, but it was all Dynamic Tag Management and I think they are not exactly the same tools. Maybe @exzyte or @Stewart_Schilling can share some updated thoughts here?


I would really appreciate your help, it's getting frustrating to be honest.

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While you might be able to add this tag using a TMS, the real question is, "Can you add it quickly enough?"


I assume that you want to add this tag for SEO benefit.  If so, adding it with a tag manager, particularly an async implementation of Adobe Launch, is probably not going to get the tag into the markup in time for it to matter.  Maybe I'm wrong about that...


If you want to be certain that the tag is there on time, add it to the base document (either in the HTML source or in your server-side code that generates the HTML source). 




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Thanks for your answer @Stewart_Schilling. You are right, we need to do this because of SEO benefits. We have several pages whose content is identical or very similar, and we should add the canonical tag to these in order to tell Google that it should focus just on one of them (the link inside the canonical tag).


The problem is that we don't have any field on the Properties of the pags that allows this, so I guess we will have to talk to the IT team in order to enable this. 


Would the reply you gave to @exzyte work though?

Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it