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Automatically Remove End-of-Life Pixl (yes, it is a four-letter word! :p )


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When the marketing team requests a pixel(s) be added to the site, they must provide the date that the pixel can be removed. Right now, I put a reminder on my calendar to delete the end-of-life pixels. Note: There are a few pixels that don't have an end date....but those are far-and-few between.

It would be so super nice if there was a feature in Launch that allowed me to put a start date and an end date (i.e. effective date range) for each action. So, when the start date hits, the action would fire off the pixel (or chunk of logic within it). And when the end date hits, the action would be deleted automatically.

I ask for it to be deleted versus commented out, because we saw gains when we commented out end-of-life pixels....and then we saw more gains in performance when we completely removed the pixel code.

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I just saw a demo for a date range condition that we expect to release in January.  It allows you to set a condition on a rule to specify a start date and an end date.  The rule will not fire before the specified start date and will not fire after the specified end date.

Importantly, it won't deploy new builds or anything, it'll just set boundaries around when the rule will fire.  So when the end date comes, the rule won't fire anymore, but the logic will still be in your deployed library.  If you actually want to get rid of the rule itself, you'd need to disable or delete (coming soon) the rule and publish that change through.




Yes, we marked this as delivered some time ago.  When you're building rules, add a condition, select the Core Extension and look for the Date Range condition type.