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Ask the Community Expert: Launch by Adobe


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Ask the Community Expert: Launch by Adobe

Launch by Adobe is a next-generation tag management system that does much more than tag management. Launch by Adobe allows any web technology provider, such as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, to build and own integrations with Launch. We call these integrations Extensions.

Giving ownership over Extensions to the technology provider and not the tag manger gives marketers and implementation experts:

  • Fast deployment of Adobe and non-Adobe products on web properties
  • High-quality Extensions built by experts
  • Adaptable Extensions that can be upgraded to include new functionality
  • Smart deployment of the right technology at the right time
  • Faster webpages
  • Unified and clean data

Join Rudi Shumpert, Senior Technical Evangelist & Customer Advocate for Launch by Adobe for a live demo.

Upcoming Dates:

Additional sessions coming soon!

*Dates and times are subject to change.

If you are unable to make one of the sessions listed, check back here for the recordings.


11/14/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

11/21/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

12/19/17 @ 1:00PM EST - Recording

01/30/18 @ 7:00PM EST - Recording

01/31/18 @ 9:00AM EST - Recording

03/01/18 @ 2:00PM EST - Recording


We've compiled a list of FAQs here. We will also have a short Q&A session at the end of each Demo. Any additional questions can be asked on the Launch, by Adobe​ community.


Adobe Spark story - Launch, by Adobe

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I've tried to request access using the link form this page:

Adobe Launch FAQ

Unfortunately is not working.

Can you help me get on that list?

Thank you!



Thanks for pointing out this broken link. It should be working now.


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What about the link it's working? Did the form not even load? I just tried to load it and it seems to be working fine. Can you try clicking the link below directly?

Launch Access Request


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A client has asked for specific product related questions, can you please advise if you can provide any additional info on these (see below), if not who is the best person to reach out to?


Business applications should be protected against invalid connections by:
a) assuming input from external systems (e.g. Web Services, SOA components and other applications) is insecure
by default
b) checking access permissions when a request is made to access an object (e.g. a database record, file or equivalent)
c) repeating any client validation upon connection to the server, to defend against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Information used by browser-based applications (e.g. configuration files) should be protected against corruption or
unauthorised disclosure by:
a) locating them on partitions inaccessible to web servers (or other connected servers)
b) restricting file permissions.




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I believe the link for the January 31st recording points to the wrong location on Youtube.



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Thank you for reporting it. I've updated the link.


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I'm considering using launch for some apps, however I only see instructions for Android in the Environments > Install examples. Is this available for iOS mobile apps or Apple TV apps?




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Hi jantzen_b


I'm looking for an expert in Adobe Launch, i was wondering if you can help me.




adriana Amortegui B