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Allow Launch with Akamai hosting to run behind a reverse proxy


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With companies becoming more security-aware and device manufacturers blocking requests to certain domains, people are looking for opportunities to bring their marketing tools in a first-party context. With Launch, we can either host the library on Adobe's domain or our own webserver, but not behind a transparent reverse-proxy. After some experimentation, I have found that the individual extensions and files are still loaded from Adobe's domain, even if the initial Launch library is hidden behind a proxy.


Conceptually it should be an easy addition to allow users to hide the adobedtm Domain behind their company's proxy. From a feature perspective, I would like to specify both a domain and a path from where Launch should attempt to load files instead of the standard Adobe domain and path. The files should still be pushed to Akamai and be available there, but should not reference files from the Adobe domain. This would make it significantly easier for companies like my own to bring Launch into a first-party context (a bit like Googles Server Side GTM) and harden it against blocked third-party domains.





@FRED you are spot on that companies will be looking to move their marketing solutions to a first party context over the next couple of years with the pending privacy changes with browsers. I appreciate you thinking through this and providing some ideas to help Tags (formerly Launch) address these issues. This is a good idea. I will surface this with my engineering team to get their feedback on level of effort and feasibility. Thanks again!