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Allow for "OR" conditions in rules


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Currently, multiple conditions seem to always take an "AND" operator- for anything "OR", I go to custom code. It would be very helpful to be able to use "OR" conditions.
For instance, if I needed to have a condition like "if the pagename is 'home' OR the page type is "product details", I would have to resort to a custom code condition, or creating multiple rules.



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I agree, this and the ability to have nested conditions would be a huge enhancement for the current system.
Allow for nested conditions in Launch rules

Condition1 AND Condition2


Condition3 AND Condition4

From a purely functional perspective (if adobe takes the easy way), it may be possible to have additional layers of condition groups.  Then it would already be possible in launch, and function correctly.

I'll post a mock-up later today...


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Again, this isn't the most flexible optimal solution (meaning it doesn't allow for any combinations of nested AND / OR operators), but could allow most of the functionality within the way Launch operates today.  It'd be better than nothing, with less room for error...

Using a new feature: "Add condition layer" , you create an alternative condition set that can be evaluated (essentially the OR operator, allowing combined AND operators)

Launch Conditions Example Feb2019 - 01.png

Here is a visual on these "condition layers" , showing clearly the layers that get evaluated sequentially.  If a layer evaluates as 'true' , then Launch knows the rule will fire and doesn't need to evaluate lower levels.

Launch Conditions Example Feb2019 - 02.png