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All our niggles from the first month of using Adobe Launch


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We've recently moved over to using Adobe Launch which was on the whole a very positive experience.


However, there is always room for improvement and I've kept a list of all the little niggles that we came across in the first month which I've provided (in no particular order) here below...


Adobe Analytics Set Variable action - Add conditionality to individual variables

This form/interface seems a little clunky and unsophisticated.  I'm guessing this is because it was done this way for DTM backwards compatibility?  It would be good if this was re-thought.  In particular, I'd like the ability to add conditionality to the setting of individual variables to stop us having to fall back to custom code.


Add ability to enable/disable actions within a rule

It would be useful for trouble shooting to be able to quickly knock out actions to see what affect it has.  Also in the same way as disabling rules, it would be good to be able to remove something from the current build without completely deleting it from the interface. (possibly access by right clicking on the action?) 


Add ability to move/copy actions between rules

In the same way it is useful to be able to copy between properties, it would be useful to be able to move/copy actions between rules within a property. (possibly access by right clicking on the action?)


Add 'save and continue' to unsaved changes warning

When you navigate away from something without saving first you get a warning but it doesn't give you the option to save!


Add 'go to property' option when copying to another property

When copying to a property, it is logical that you would want to go to the property you have copied stuff to.  At the moment there is no shortcut to get there.


Compare revision from within Edit Library (under publishing)

When reviewing a library (e.g. before publishing) you typically what to compare revisions.  It would be good to be able to do this within the library screen rather that have to navigate out to Data element/rules.


Auto associate library with environment when rejecting

When a library is rejected back to a previous stage there is no environment automatically associated with the library.   If there is only one environment at that stage and no other library is using the environment it would be a time saver if it auto associated the environment.


Retrieve library back to previous stage once submitted

If you submit a library to across to a stage that you do not have permissions for, you cannot get it back.   e.g. accidental approval ready for publishing by a tester cannot be retrieved by the tester, you have to find someone with publishing permissions to reject the library.  It would make sense to me that if you have permission to push a library to a particular state you should be able to retrieve the library from that particular state.


Remove comments during minification

Although custom code seems to get minified, comments do not appear to be removed from the code which seems odd.


Can't search within long sections of custom code 

Where a JS library has to be put in by cuting and pasting custom code you can end up with large blocks of custom code.  It is not possible to search this custom code due to the way Adobe incrementally loads this code as you scroll to view it.  This can make it difficult to manage.


Default to more items on the rules list and elements list

The default is 10, I'm regularly selecting 100.  Could you default to a larger number or remember the users selection?


Add ability to alert when a library is published (e.g. via email, SMS/Text)

From a security point of view we would like to be able to have alerts sent out whenever a library is published.  The publisher should not be able to block the alert or amend the distribution list.





Hey, thanks for taking the time to provide all the feedback.  I wanted to respond specifically to a few of these items.

Items on lists - I don't think we'll be moving the default away from 10, but the number that you have selected is stored in local storage.  The numbers are specific to both the property and the list, but once selected, it always remembers your selection unless you have something that is clearing out the local storage variables.

A few of these are already on the roadmap or in progress, specifically comparing revisions from the edit library page is in development now.  Alerts for publishing and other events is on the roadmap along with better minification of custom code to remove comments.

Some of these are relatively simple and are good ideas, I've added Save and Continue along with Go to Property to the backlog.

The others we'll need to approach more thoughtfully as they are bigger changes or have other ramifications that we'll need to consider.  I'd encourage you to submit them as individual ideas that can be voted on separately.  And lobby everyone you know to look at them and vote for them if they agree


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@thebenrobb Thanks for coming back to me - interesting stuff and it make a big difference to know that when you post an idea someone is looking at them