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Adobe Launch - Notification - Published Changes


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Within DTM - all users of a property were notified when a change went live.  This gave the ability to create a user whose email was a slack channel notification and inform the developers when a change was made in a form which they prefer.

Now in Adobe Launch, a change is made and there are no more notification.  For us, this is a security hazard that anyone could make a change and no one will know unless they go into each property and check when the last publish date was. 

I would like to reintroduce the ability to notify all users of a property when a published change took place.




Agreed. We desperately need the ability to configure Launch to trigger email and/or webhook notifications at different points in the publishing workflow.


Both email and webhooks would work for sending data to Slack, but webhooks would also allow us to trigger automated tests and tools in our other systems.


This is a similar request to https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/Adobe-Experience-Platform-Launch/Launch-publishing-...