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Adobe Launch - Name of version contributor


Level 3


Within Adobe Launch, we can have several users go in and contribute in the creation of rules, data elements, custom code in the extensions (like Adobe Analytics).  Can we add in the name of the person who made the changes in each version.  currently - we know when the last version was saved, but we do not know who made the change.  This will help when we need more information on why something was changed. 



Level 3


@Andrey_Osadchuk - thanks for this.  I have tried and this didn't help.  I can see a lot of information that gets loaded in, but it doesn't say who made the last changes. It is very helpful when I am in published view, as this did show the name of the publisher.  But this did not show it on the Rules / DE / Extension side.  


for example - who was the editor of Revision 49 and Revision 50.


Ideally - I would like to see within the rule, but also in the table.