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Adobe Launch - debugging/setting breakpoints for custom rules


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Is it possible to set dynamic breakpoints in custom rules in Launch? I found the file that was downloaded from Launch, but when I try and prettify the script in the chrome developer tools, it still stays as one line and I'm not able to set a breakpoint in the middle of the script for debugging purposes. 

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If you're referring to debugging within custom code, you can add your own logging lines.



_satellite.logger.info('A debugging message goes here');

// or to log an error
_satellite.logger.error('An error message goes here');


See the "logger" section at https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/launch/using/client-side-info/launch-object-reference.html#p...

It's not the same as adding a breakpoint, but at least it helps you get some output to help with troubleshooting.