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Add GUI element to add values to Analytics events


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Currently in DTM and Launch, events can only be set either empty for increment by 1 or serialized from value. But with the Numeric type an event can also have an actual value. So I'd like to have two input fields in the event section of the "Set Variables" Action Type from the Analytics Extension.

  1. Serialize from value (optional) -> as is
  2. Value (optional) -> new

So option 1 would create a an event like "eventN:%serializedFromValue%" and option 2 "eventN=%value%"

Currently this can only be done with custom code which I would like to use as little as possible and here I have to add the event to s.linkTrackEvents whereas the one set with the gui are added automatically:

s.linkTrackEvents = 'event10';

s.events += ',event10=' +value



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Funny, I ran across the exact same thing yesterday and spent a minute scratching my head wondering if it had always been this way.  I am in total agreement with Thomas.

One other option for the UI would be to change the action value to a drop-down so you could select either "Set Value" or "Serialize from Value":

[event_selection][V]   [Set Value || Serialize from Value][V]   [Value][D]


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I agree with this, seeing it a little late.  It would also be possible to accomplish this and allow data element logic at the same time.

Link to the other thread, could be grouped in with this depending on how they decide to implement it: Set Variables Actions - Events should have set/no-set logic


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It looks like this idea has been implemented.  Awesome!  jantzen.belliston-Adobe Can you update the status of it?

gflareHave you tested this to see if it solved the set/no set issue?

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.33.04 AM.png


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stewarts16448458 , thanks for pointing it out - I tried a few possibilities today.  Seems to always set the event, no matter what the returned value is.

I've tried using data elements that return 0, a blank string, and false, but they all unfortunately still result in the event getting set.


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I would agree that it is desirable to omit an event that has no value. 

With the exception of the built-in events (prodView, scOpen, scView, scAdd, etc), I'm pretty sure that setting to 0 is the same as not setting (even with counter events).  It was not this way historically, but I'm pretty sure that it works that way now.   As a tidbit, you can now increment counter events by more than one.   I've also seen people using negative event values although I don't I'm ready for that leap yet!


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Thanks Stewart,

To wrap this up; I tried a few scenarios to see the results on "counter-type custom events".  Below is the outline and results.

Quick result summary:

Yes, if your data element returns '0'; or you place a 0 in the GUI, then the counter event will not be set for the record in the report suite after processing.  However, the event and value are still included in the beacon call.

Side note: Any other values returned, that I've tried, still result in the custom event being collected as usual.

Next-step: Is there any way to completely avoid setting & sending it?

My setup details and results

Within my Rule > Actions > Analytics SetVars

util.blank = return '';

util.false = return false;

util.zero = return 0;

util.zerostring = return '0';


Actual data applied to tracker:




Data sent Via debugger of record sent:


Data processed via report suite: