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[AAE] Setting reporting suites on Launch


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We have started a bit of work to move from DTM to Launch, and came across an issue when setting up the Adobe Analytics extension. When we are setting up the library and we select “manage library for me, we don’t see any of the reporting suites as an option to select.

Eventually worked out that the you can type the reporting suite's name, but would be great if it was populated as it is on DTM (The select report suite icon is already there, but its blank when you clock on it)





Level 2


I am leveraging the "Adobe Report Suite Selector" extension by way of a data elements for one of my suites. You will need the web services API credentials.

Inside Adobe Analytics

1. Admin -> Web Services

2. API Access Information

3. Copy Web Services Username & Shared Secret

Inside Launch

Install Adobe Report Suite Selector Extension

enter credentials from Adobe Analytics then:

1. Create a data element

2. Use the extension "Adobe Report Suite Selector"

3. Data Element Type: Select Report Suite

4. List of reporting suites should be available.

5. Configure your Adobe Analytics extension to use this data element for the reporting suites.