Why I am able to browse nonexsiting node



Hi All,

I am browsing a URL, complete URL is http://localhost:4502/content/dam/a.childrenlist.json.​ I am getting successful response with below content.

In HTML format: http://localhost:4502/content/dam/a.childrenlist.html


In JSON format: http://localhost:4502/content/dam/a.childrenlist.json


  "parent": {

    "path": "/content/dam/a.childrenlist.json",

    "resourceType": "sling:nonexisting",

    "label": "a.childrenlist.json",

    "hasChildren": false,

    "title": "a.childrenlist.json"



But when I go and search this a node/file in crx, I couldn't find anything with a under dam(below is the screenshot). It seems resource is not available; and in this case ideally system should response with status code 404. So can someone please explain what is happening here and how I can stop this?


Thank you in advance.

Thank You!