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What can be the reason for this


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I have trying to add the hero imagecomponent 

We have two options for this 

1 - We can upload it from our system like this ;

Screenshot (372).pngScreenshot (371).png

2 . we can drag and drop from Assets under Site Console like this:


after I dragged this image I Should see it here but it does not show up here



  and when I try to see the property of the component I see in  it 


I am not able to understand what can be the reason it is not showing on the webpage 
















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Hi @DuttAbhishek 

cq:dropTargets part of cq:editConfig is responsible for direct drag and drop of asset from content finder to the component. 

Cross check the same for your component. 


  • try to create component that directly inherits from Core V2 Image component and use the same in your site pages or 
  • Use it in OOTB we-retail site pages or
  • Use image/hero image component of we-retail site in we-retail pages. If it is working there, try to arrive at difference with your component/ in site page. (In particular, on dropTargets edit config and on image field node of the dialog/fileupload resource)




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Okie @DuttAbhishek 

Did you get a chance to check the behavior of Image/Hero Image component of we-retail in we-retail site pages. Example : Experience page of we-retail

This is to narrow down if it is happening in your site pages alone or through out the instance (for all sites pages)



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Yeah Sure @Vijayalakshmi_S  I will , The thing  is that I am  new to AEM and it takes some time for me to understand the answer what exactly is it and I am slowly slowly getting used to get it and it's terms 


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No worries @DuttAbhishek

Feel free to raise your queries anytime in the Community. 

Since you are new to AEM, am sharing official documentation (if you haven't checked already) which you can learn at your own pace.

Main Landing page for 6.5 docs - (Tutorial section for video content, Implementation Developer guides and so on can be navigated from here)





Level 2

Yes @Vijayalakshmi_S  i know  about this and also I am currently going through SPP modules watching some modules from it  and I  am also using Developer guide currently I am following it ,  as it have  explanations and hands on .This error /problem i am facing is in the one of the task in guide 


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Hi @DuttAbhishek ,

                        First check what are the rendition is present for this image because as per the system resolution some times image is not displaying.

Can you please try to zoom in then you will understand which rendition is required to display the image.

Check the another image which is displayed properly and compare it .