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What are possibilities of using JSON input file directly in AEM Workbench? Instead of XML input.


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We are using AEM designer and AEM workbench tools to design and process forms. We are trying to use the JSON inputs file directly in workbench instead of using XML input file. Please suggest possible options to achieve the direct usage of JSON file with AEM workbench process.



Krishnasumanth M

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While AEM Workbench primarily utilizes XML input files for form processing, there are several approaches to directly use JSON input files within the AEM environment:

  • Custom Servlet or Sling Resource: Develop a custom servlet or Sling resource that handles JSON input files. This servlet or resource can parse the JSON data, transform it into the appropriate format for AEM Workbench, and then interact with the Workbench API to process the form.

  • JSON Schema and Adaptive Forms: Leverage JSON schema to define the structure and constraints of the JSON data. Create an Adaptive Form based on the JSON schema, enabling users to submit data directly through the form. The submitted JSON data can then be processed by AEM Workbench.

  • OSGi Service Bundle: Implement an OSGi service bundle that acts as a JSON data provider. This service bundle can read JSON files from various sources, transform the data, and provide it to AEM components that require JSON input.

  • External Data Source: Utilize an external data source, such as a database or a REST API, that stores JSON data. Connect AEM Workbench to the external data source and retrieve the JSON data directly for processing.

  • JavaScript Adaptation: Adapt the AEM Workbench JavaScript code to directly handle JSON input files. This approach involves modifying the JavaScript code to parse JSON data and integrate it with the existing AEM Workbench functionality.

  • Custom AEM Component: Develop a custom AEM component that can directly process JSON input files. This component can be integrated into AEM Workbench workflows to handle JSON data-driven processes.

Kautuk Sahni