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Video Podcast: The Future of AEM in the Cloud by TAD REEVES - jetteroheller dot com


I recently cut the video podcast below (my first one ever!) with my friends Eric and Fred from ICF Next on the future of AEM in the cloud, and what you should think about before making the big plunge into either investing more into your on-premise or self-hosted AEM infrastructure, or moving your AEM workloads to a managed AEM service like AEM as a Cloud Service.

As discussed in some of my other posts on AEM as a Cloud Service, this is a pivotal time in marketing website infrastructure and project planning. For the first time, it’s technically possible (though maybe or maybe not recommended) to have an enterprise-grade experience management platform running your site entirely in a managed cloud services. There are a lot of important things to know about whether or not your Adobe-powered internet properties should move to cloud services, and it’s not a black-and-white proposition at all.

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Video Podcast: The Future of AEM in the Cloud


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