Vanity URLs not working on AEM6.3



I am trying to implement vanity URLs in AEM 6.3. When I give a vanity URL to a page /content/project/en/abc as /content/project/en/xyz, mapping doesn't reflect on http://localhost:4502/system/console/jcrresolver and the page /content/project/en/xyz shows 404 error page. If I restart the AEM, Mapping and vanity URL works. Same thing happened if I re-update the vanity URL to /content/project/en/xyz1, the http://localhost:4502/system/console/jcrresolver  show mapping to still /content/project/en/xyz and the /content/project/en/xyz page works as vanity URL instead of /content/project/en/xyz1. After restarting AEM, it works as expected. Why it is not updating mapping when I enter/update vanity URLs

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Accepted Solutions (1)




there are multiple ways to implement vanities, where/how did you create it? Did you use sling:vanity or sling:redirect?

I just tested on a we-retail page via page properties(sling:vanityPath) and it shows in console as expected.

On '/content/we-retail/us/en.html', I added '/content/we-retail/us/ca' as vanity in page properties. It appears in jcrresourceresolver and when I test localhost:4502/content/we-retail/us/ca, it redirects to '/content/we-retail/us/en.html'

did you test it via "Resolve" button on /system/console/jcrresolver?

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