Vanity URL not working through website dispatcher url but https:/{dispatherDomain}/libs/granite/dispatcher/content/vanityUrls.html is listing all vanity urls



We are looking forward to make vanity url set up working for our website. We are using AEM 6.4.7


Have followed Adobe documentation and this blog - https://blog.kristianwright.com/2016/02/11/aem-dispatcher-and-vanity-urls/ to set up vanity urls.

Dispatcher configuraions in farm file, filter.any file and cache.any file is also done.


I am able to access the list of vanity url's using the path - https:/{dispatherDomain}/libs/granite/dispatcher/content/vanityUrls.html.


But when i access thorugh the website url : https://{websitedomain}/testvanity

the page is not getting loaded instead it is giving 404 error.


I tried checking in /system/console/jcrresolver

resolving the https://{websitedomain}/testvanity to the right content path.


But we hit thorug direct dispatcher link https://{websitedomain}/testvanity, I am getting 404


Can some one shed some lights on how I can fix this and make vanity url working?

AEM 6.4.7 Dispatcher dispatcher.any





Found the root cause of this issue. OOB Vanity URL's were not working because of internal sling mapping and dispatcher mapings. So as a solution we implemented custom vanity url path by appending the /content/site/locale path internally thorugh code and now OOB vanity urls are working.