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Using Private Dependencies in Cloud Manager Builds by netcentric


With the Cloud Manager, Adobe provides a viable tool to self-manage AEM environments in the cloud. In general, the approach is that all AEM customisation code is built from source and then deployed to the Cloud Manager managed environments. While this works well for small to medium-sized projects, larger customers often run into one of the following scenarios:

1. Multiple teams run on separate release cycles, yet all those modules have to run on the same AEM platform in production. Having all teams work on one repository does not scale.
2. There are multiple platforms for the same customer and re-using AEM specific artifacts is desired to not duplicate the code (e.g. shared AEM components, parent poms).
3. Customer managed packages that have a broader scope than just AEM have to be integrated (e.g. frontend modules like living style guides, ready-made connectors to internal systems, etc.).
4. Packages from third-party vendors that are not open source and not available via Adobe or Maven Central repository have to be integrated (e.g. a Translation Service Provider)

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Using Private Dependencies in Cloud Manager Builds


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