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Unified Experience for AEM as a Cloud Service Code Refactoring Tools | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Unified Experience for AEM as a Cloud Service Code Refactoring Tools by Manas Kumar Maji


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is now available as a cloud service, the cloud-native way of leveraging the AEM applications. AEM as a Cloud Service provides a scalable, secure, and agile technology foundation for Experience Manager Sites and Assets, enabling marketers and IT to focus on delivering impactful experiences at scale.
For existing users, the transition journey to AEM as a Cloud Service involves three phases — Planning, Execution, and Post Go-live.
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We at Adobe, are constantly trying to make the transition journey faster and easier for users. For this purpose we are creating new code refactoring tools to make existing content (code, package structure, indexes, and configurations) compatible to AEM as a Cloud Service.
Each new tool, however, brings its own overhead of setup requirements, installation, I/O format, and execution process. We do not want the complexity of using the tools to be a factor preventing their usage.
In order to provide an unified experience for the code refactoring tools and minimize the overhead of installation and setup, we have created aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration by leveraging the Adobe I/O Extensible Command Line Interface (CLI), aio-cli, which is an extensible CLI based on Open CLI Framework (OCLIF). The aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration currently integrates the following code refactoring tools

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Unified Experience for AEM as a Cloud Service Code Refactoring Tools


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