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Unable to get the aem package working on the aem cloud testing instanc


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I have an aem package that needs to be tested on my aem cloud instance.

I am noticing unexpected behaviour in my package.  I am noticing that the controls against the package in /crx/de are limited, compared to other packages. The same goes for the Filters section. Please see images, the first one indicates that the controls and the Filters are missing, the second one shows the expected behaviour(from another package).
Missing controls

Expected behaviour

The way I deploy the package is via IBM s3 bucket.  I build and deploy the package to the bucket using “mvn clean install deploy”. Which deploys the package to the s3 bucket.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the packages get deployed properly. This is from running the following command–

“s3cmd ls s3://{bucket-name}/ --recursive ”

s3 bucket

In my aem cloud instance repository, the credentials and the configurations are stored in the “settings.xml” file.

I have a pipeline set up in cloud manager which pulls the package from the bucket and spins up an aem cloud instance using the repository discussed above. The pipeline completes successfully.

Can I get some advice on how to make the filters and other controls show up?


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How is the CS instance connected to the S3 bucket? Is this custom code?


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Hello @Jörg_Hoh

If you mean where are the credentials for the s3 bucket stored, they are stored in





This file is identical to my local version of settings.xml, which I use to push the package to the s3 bucket.







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I understand that your maven build pushes packages into an S3 bucket, and this process is working. And if I understand you correctly, somehow these packages getting transfered from S3 into your AEM instance, and this process is not working correctly. So how is this failing process working (or supposed to work)?


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I have a repository existing in our cloud manager.

I have pushed the s3 bucket details to the repository, in the 





The top level pom.xml in the aem cloud repo, holds the server information from settings.xml in the "repository" section.




The pipeline discussed in previous message builds the aem cloud repo into one of my dev environments. During this pipeline build process it also pulls in the package from the s3 bucket, using the information above.



I hope i did manage to address your question @Jörg_Hoh . Please ask if i havent, as I am still facing the issue.



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OK, I got it. The CloudManager build pulls in content packages you store in S3. And when these content packages are installed in an AEM CS environment, you see a limited set of controls for them.


Hard to diagnose without more information. I would recommend to raise a support ticket.