Translation Synchronization with Language Copy or Live Copy



We need to create language blue prints from master en. We need to keep sync b/w master en and language blue prints. we have 2 approaches but with some issues in synchronization

Option 1 - Create Language Copy from Master Blue print

Problem - We don't find anything in translation workflow for component level synchronization. We have seen launch option that completely replaces page in language blue print

Example - If a new component added in master en, only this component should be updated in language blue print by translation workflow\

is component level synchronization/ inheritance possible with language copy ?

Option 2-  Create Live Copy from Master Blue print

Problem - We don’t want to cancel inheritance manually for components . What is best way to cancel inheritance before language blue print adding pages in translation job.

We might also have 4 level of inheritance? is it Ok to keep 4 level of inheritance and what are possible issues with this?