Translation Launch - Child pages being over written in English



During a translation project, only when the launch is created on AEM (becasue its an update to an already translated page), not only the page you which to translate is included but also all of its child pages. 

When the project is sent to translation vendor, the page to translate is send, and the child pages are omitted (as expected).
But when the translation comes back to AEM and the launch gets promoted to the live content, the child pages in the launch are also promoted (default behavior). Since these child pages are still in EN in the launch (logically, as they are not send to translation), the content in the live content gets overwritten to EN.


To reproduce this on a Vanilla AEM instance under following conditions:

  1. The page + child pages need to exists in the master language
  2. The page + child pages need to exists in the other language
  3. The cq:modification date (or jcr:modification date) of the master page needs to be > jcr:created date of the page in the other language

Start the project using the create translation project Wizard and make sure that the “Create/Update language copy” is selected


Is this expected, is there a workaround, or way to stop the child pages updating?

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