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Top Adobe Summit 2022 Sessions - By Taqalytics | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Top Adobe Summit 2022 Sessions - By Taqalytics by taqalytics


Adobe Summit 2022 was a great opportunity to experience learning from industry experts, partners, professionals that showcased Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce, Analytics, and Adobe SDK. This 2 day Summit had great content and industry-experts who presented advanced & new features in AEM and Adobe products along with its partners. During the Summit,.

The Adobe Experience Cloud is an industry leader for providing the tools and resources for digital success. This helps me learn, implement, and help our customers.

Out of the many great events in the summit I liked the following in particular:

GraphQL with AEM
Very informative practical examples of advanced features using GraphQL in AEM were shown. Using GraphQL any application that can make calls over HTTP can be used – the specific https://business.adobe.com/summit/2022/sessions/empower-teams-to-do-more-in-headless-implementatio-tw106.html

Top CMS Innovations
Also got good overview of use AEM improves your application Fastness, Cost effective and Flexibility and agilityhttps://business.adobe.com/summit/2022/sessions/na-top-cms-innovations-adobe-experience-manager-si-s301.html

Content Management Journey
Hoodoo helped Grand Design RV evolve content workflows, website UX, custom integrations and rendering with a detailed Workfront+AEM connection. You can access this content by following the link – The Grand Journey: Driving Content Management, Workflow, and UX – https://business.adobe.com/summit/2022/sessions/na-the-grand-journey-driving-content-management-wo-s829.html

Intelligent Search
I got a better understanding about SearchBlox. New features like adding to the AEM component library to get real-time indexing and advanced search functionality on your site.https://business.adobe.com/summit/2022/sessions/upgrade-to-intelligent-search-why-search-is-critic-s825.html

Adobe App Builder
Extend & customize your Adobe products with Adobe Developer App Builder which connects with your Adobe Commerce integrations and AEM to build applications.
Extend Adobe Solutions with Adobe Developer App Builder – https://business.adobe.com/summit/2022/sessions/emea-extend-adobe-solutions-with-adobe-developer-a-s507.html

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Top Adobe Summit 2022 Sessions - By Taqalytics


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