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The future of AEM teams by Krzysztof Ryk


Adobe put a lot of effort into their flagship CMS, Experience Manager is evolving year by year. I’m not talking only about getting rid of nasty .jsp’s with a bunch of scriptlets inside. They did much more in the last few years. The product is getting better and better, the clients are getting more and more capabilities.

But what happens with Developers? Do we still need them? How did that role changed in the past few years? And how will it look in the future?

Not so long ago, there was no Adobe Managed Service and everything was hosted on-prem. What is more, there were no editable templates, no mechanisms of reusing content like Content/Experience Fragments and even no Core Components!

Typically, almost all the components were developed from scratch, the code was deployed manually, all the tests were custom, etc. Every single company was following its own best practices and development cycle process.

Building a site was quite a complex task that required producing boiler-plate code.

There was quite a lot on the developer's shoulders that time!

Then Adobe introduced a few improvements…
Brak alternatywnego tekstu dla tego zdjęcia
In the last few years, Adobe introduced many interesting features that significantly influenced the developer's life. To mention a few:
1. AMS
2. Editable templates, Content Fragments / Experience Fragments
3. Core Components
4. Cloud Manager + Quality Gates
5. AEM as a Cloud Service

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The future of AEM teams


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