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Template issue


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I have a xxx template in yyy site

I can't access the Structure mode for the Template, where it returns an undefined.


I have all the permissions for the template.can anyone help me

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Community Advisor

Hi @Vani1012 ,


Have you tried with the admin user? 

If you are able to access with the admin user I suspect it must be the permission issue, kindly refer to the article and verify if those are at correct place: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/developing/platform/templates/page-tem...


Hope that helps!




Level 5


Can you please check if sling:resourceType property is set on jcr:content node of template structure node and if set it is pointing to correct page component?   


Level 8

Hello @Vani1012 


It can be permission or some issue with the structure.

1. Please try accessing the template with admin access. See if it works.

2. If it doesn't. Try replacing the nodes in structure one by one from a template that is working. You should be able to find the issue.

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