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Swagger Plugin Does Not Fully Support the External Documentation Object


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If Swagger content is using the External Documentation Object, the HTML formatting isn’t correct in AEM Sites:

Swagger Version : 2.0

Example Codeblock in the Guides concpet : 


"openapi": "3.0.1",
"servers": [
"url": "https:google.com",
"description": "Generated server url"
"tags": [
"name": "Search",
"description": "Search Here.",
"externalDocs": {
"description": "Click here to search.",
"url": "google.com"





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HI @Beaula123 ,

You can use open API swagger specification to integrate a restful webservicewith adaptive form. In the POST specification of swagger yaml or json file you can put "consume", "produces" and "parameter" field. And in GET item you can mention how you want your response by giving "produces" and "consumes" value as "application/json" or "text/plain; charset=utf-8".