[Summit 2018][LAB] Experience Manager Sites and Context Hub integration


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Session Details

Get hands-on experience with phase 2 of Experience Manager content delivery. Use out-of-the-box data stores and a custom data store to target a series of components on a web page. Learn basic audience and activity creation and how to overlay out-of-the-box Context Hub test users and locations to give your subject matter experts the tools they need.

Learn how to:

  • Define and identify relationships between audiences and activities
  • Create audiences (segments) based on data stores
  • Assemble activities and use targeting to manage experiences
  • Learn how to use multiple activities on the same Experience Manager page​

This session is for a beginner audience interested in getting started with Experience Manager development.


  • Dennis Selfridge - AEM Technical Instructor, Adobe


Wednesday, Mar 28, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Session Length

1h 30m

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Session PPT/Docs: - GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/Summit2018 at L733

Session Link: - Experience Manager Sites and Context Hub integration

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