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AEMasCS Cloud Manager User Permissions for different Programs


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In our AEM as a Cloud Service, we already have a program, and development is ongoing. We need to start a new program for one of our website migrations. So, my question is, can we restrict user access to another program (which is already present) to new users, or is it generic access, allowing users to access both programs?
And can we request for Adobe team support during the initial configuration of cloud manager.






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You can restrict the access at program level. In general, different IMS User groups/ product profiles will be created by your system admin to allow necessary permissions.
Hope this helps.


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Hi @george6 ,

In AEM as a Cloud Service, user permissions for Cloud Manager are managed at the organization level. This means that all users within the organization have access to all programs within Cloud Manager by default.

However, you can restrict user access to specific programs by assigning them to specific roles within each program. For example, you can assign a user to the "Developer" role in one program and the "Viewer" role in another program. This will limit their access to only the features and functions that are relevant to their role in each program.

To assign roles to users in Cloud Manager, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to Cloud Manager and navigate to the program you want to manage.
2. Click on the "Users" tab.
3. Click on the "Add User" button to add a new user.
4. Select the role you want to assign to the user from the dropdown menu.
5. Enter the user's email address and click "Add User".

Regarding your second question, Adobe provides support during the initial configuration of Cloud Manager. You can contact Adobe Support to request assistance with the initial setup and configuration of Cloud Manager. They can help you with any questions or issues you may have during the setup process.


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Hi @HrishikeshKa,

Thanks for the response. 


Currently we have one program and AEM development is going on and we are planning to start new AEM development so can we start a new project in same program? 
Or is it cost to get a new program for the new AEM website 

And if we are managing same program then can we have separate repo for both the project 



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