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Subpackage Merge for content-package-maven-plugin


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We are currently adding a package (acs-commons in this case) to our Maven project as a subpackage. We need that subpackage to "merge" instead of "replace" since subpackages get installed after the project package. This is our configuration for the content-package-maven-plugin:


<plugin> <groupId>com.day.jcr.vault</groupId> <artifactId>content-package-maven-plugin</artifactId> <extensions>true</extensions> <configuration> <filterSource>${basedir}/META-INF/vault/filter.xml</filterSource> <verbose>true</verbose> <failOnError>true</failOnError> <group>HealthNow</group> <embeddeds> <!-- From project/core module --> <embedded> <groupId>this.is.our.group</groupId> <artifactId>core</artifactId> <target>/apps/myproject/install</target> </embedded> <!-- Scripting console for Felix --> <embedded> <groupId>org.apache.sling</groupId> <artifactId>org.apache.sling.scripting.console</artifactId> <target>/apps/myproject/install</target> </embedded> </embeddeds> <subPackages> <subPackage> <groupId>com.adobe.acs</groupId> <artifactId>acs-aem-commons-content</artifactId> <filter>true</filter> </subPackage> </subPackages> </configuration> </plugin>


I can't find any documentation about most of the configuration options. The documentation on the content-package-maven-plugin only provides you with the configuration options for each goal, but not how to use them. Within the <subpackage> configuration, is there a way to "merge" that package instead of the default "replace?" Or will the subpackage's own filter file ALWAYS dictate the behavior?

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Dear Dscirto,

You may try to modify your filter.xml config to include following line:

<filter root="/my/custom/path/to/merge" mode="merge"/>

As this woukd hint to package manager you want to merge instead of replace.

Hope this helps,




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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, modifying the project's filter.xml file won't work. The subpackage gets installed after the main project's package. So if I have:


  • <filter root="/my/custom/path/to/merge" mode="merge" />


  • <filter root="/my/custom/path/to/merge" />

The main-project-package will perform its merge on "/my/custom/path/to/merge" as expected. Then sub-package-from-external-repository will install, using its own internal filter.xml. If that filter.xml is using a "replace" or "update" behavior (which it is), it will make the "merge" from main-project-package obsolete.

So what I need, really, is to know if there is a way to externally control the filter.xml behavior of a subpackage or specify a filter.xml for the subpackage to use.


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dscirto​ Any luck with this?  I am in same conundrum for including  aem-core-wcm-components​ package in my project.



Adding here so that it's helpful for someone else. We had the same issue for a project. What we did is as follows:

1. Added the ACS commons dependency to the ui.content package

2. Moved ui.content module above ui.apps in main pom.xml

3. Added customizations of ACS commons components to ui.apps module


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You can replace the content-package-maven-plugin with the filevault-maven-plugin [1], it's a more-or-less 1:1 replacement, it just cannot install the package into AEM. For the details how to combine both plugins see [2].

To your question: What you mean with "merge instead of replace"? It should not install if the package remains unchanged?


[1] Jackrabbit Filevault Package Maven Plugin - Introduction

[2] aem-project-archetype/pom.xml at master · adobe/aem-project-archetype · GitHub