Submit to a Form Data Model in which entities have Associations that is configured with Microsoft Dynamics








Hi all,

Bear with me, I am fairly new to both Dynamics 365 and this connector.

I have run into a bit of an issue.

So I've done the following:

  • Configured my Microsoft Dynamics O-Data Cloud Service
  • Created a Form Data Model
  • Made some associations with some of the Entities
  • Configured Submit Action to "Submit to a Form Data Model" 

What I was expecting: For everything to work perfectly without a hassle.

What I got: Submission only happens to the Entity configured in the Submit action of the adaptive form despite the associations to any other Entity. (Hassle)

What else I tried: Submitting through "Invoke service"(My idea was for invoke service to return an id of newly submitted entry  and assign it to a hidden field then make another call to submit to the Associated Entity using that Id). But that didn't work out well as per the following screenshot. 🙄



 I went confidently to my Service to configure the return type but that was grayed out🙄output type.PNG

 So please help me out. Is it possible to enable the grayed out area? If so, Please explain how I can do that or maybe provide a link where someone does the same. If not, please help me with ideas of how I can get around my dilemma or a link where someone explains this.

Thanks in advance


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