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Start a Job via a Sling Event Handler in CQ | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Start a Job via a Sling Event Handler in CQ by aem4beginner Blog


Start a Job via a Sling Event Handler in CQ
There are multiple ways to handle events at different levels in CQ. In this post, I'd show you some sample code that starts a corresponding job based on an event (e.g. the action type of the ReplicationAction event) triggered at the Sling level.

To put the above into context, let's assume we have a 'custom CQ workflow process step' (a.k.a. automated step) - PostPageActivationWorkFlow.java - developed already. The customer step is normally part of some workflow. This custom process step was designed so that it will 'replicate' the payload (the entity upon which a workflow instance acts) to a hypothetical remote place via HTTP POST. To run and trigger this custom process step (which in terms will execute PostPageActivationWorkFlow.replicate() method that I named and implemented), you normally create a workflow by dropping this custom process step into it. When the workflow runs into this step, its execute() will be executed. However, instead of triggering the process step from the workflow, what if we also want such 'replication' to be triggered by a CQ event (specifically, by the action type of the ReplicationAction event)? The following code sample will show you how.

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Start a Job via a Sling Event Handler in CQ


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