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Headless Content Management with AEM & I/O Runtime by Amol Anand


There has been a massive explosion of digital channels in recent years. Marketers who wanted to get in touch with customers used to only have to worry about a website and email marketing campaigns. Then everyone started using cellphones, and mobile apps became another way to expose content to end users. Social media, digital signage, wearables, and the Internet of Things followed in quick succession.

While a traditional website, a mobile app, and email are still the primary ways to reach customers, the challenge is now how to manage content for all of these channels, and how to support the different technologies. Each channel consumes content in a completely different way. One may get its information from HTML, another one from a JSON file. All the systems that are needed to push content to different channels are independent of each other, which creates content silos. If someone is creating some great content for a single page app that you’d also like to use for your website or your mobile app, for example, it becomes harder to achieve message consistency.

There is also an increased cost and a huge duplication of effort in this process. If you want to get the same piece of information out to your end user across all these different channels, you have to do it using five independent systems. Maybe that’s okay if you only have three systems, but in the future you may have several more channels to deal with. It’s just not scalable. The more channels you add to the mix, the more complicated it’s going to get.

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Headless Content Management with AEM & I/O Runtime


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