Social Login with Facebook



Hi Team,

I am trying to implement social login through Facebook using AEM 6.3

I followed below help link -


Performed the suggested steps as below-

  • created a Facebook app
  • created and published a Facebook Connect cloud service
  • Enabled OAuth authentication on publish instance
  • Enabled social login for a community site
  • Published community site
  • Test Social Login

I am facing the issue when I Test Social login through my community site page running in publish environment.It is not validating the user via facebook login details and again redirecting to AEM home page.

  1. I logged out
  2. Select Login
  3. Select Sign in with Facebook
  4. It then again redirects to AEM home page and then allows login as AEM Admin.

Is there any settings I need to apply as part of login and authentication.

Please suggest.

Also , I tried the facebook login through We.Retail site in publish environment, when i click "Sign in with Facebook" it gives the below error.How can I update the security settings for We.Retail site.

"Until We.Retail Social Login updates its security settings, you won't be able to use Facebook to log into it."

Thanks for your support!








Can you validate that Oauth configuration works fine and you've specified a group (with appropriate read/write permissions) where created user would be added?