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Sling Mappings in AEM for local translation site


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Sorry, I have been looking up information on this, but just can't get it to work.  We have a .com site which is working great with the sling mappings.  Now we want to release a .cn site with zh_cn language, so I have read up and created this.  However, although the links to the home page work, any sub pages don't and they miss the first part of the URL.

Is there something I am missing for the sub pages, maybe a wildcard is needed, but I could find this on the help.  I want the links to go to:  www.xxx.cn/cn/zh_cn/subpage.html but on publishing they show as going to www.xxx.cn/zh_cn/subpage.html and fail .  So here is the mapping I have for stage-aerospace.xxx.cn, and I think this works:



I also have in the mappings:


\ cn

   \ zh_cn  (  sling:internalRedirect="/content/xxx/cn/zh_cn/aerospace-defense" )

But on any pages I link to on author they still miss out the /cn part of the URL.

Thank you very much for your time, sorry if this is something that I have missed, but I am getting stuck and can't figure out what I am doing wrong.  Any advice or links would be gratefully received.

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