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Sling Framework Part - 1 | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Sling Framework Part - 1 by TechInnovia


Sling Architecture, REST Principles, Sling Resolving
Hello! Today I will introduce you to the Sling Framework.

After this session you should have an

Understanding of Sling Request Processing
Sling Resolving and Script Processing Mechanism

What is Apache Sling?
Sling started as an internal project of Day management and was included in the installation of AEM.
It has since been contributed to the Apache Software Foundation.
It is Content-centric framework. Sling application used either server side JavaScript or Java servlets.
Selected according to simple naming convention to process HTTP request in a RESTful way.
The embedded Apache Felix OSGI framework & console, provides a dynamic runtime environment where code & content bundles can loaded, un-loaded & re-configured at runtime.

Introduction to Apache Sling
Apache Sing is a Content-centric that means that when processing a request, it first finds the content then based on the content and request data determines how to render it.
Sling framework uses a JCR based repository as its data storage. In AEM all its data including the content, application binaries and configurations are all stored in the JCR repository.
When processing a web request Apache Sling resolves the request URL, analyze the content at the resolved paths and determines which script in the repository should be executed for rendering content view.
In addition, a part of that framework provides a very powerful functionality for component and dialogs inheritance.

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Sling Framework Part - 1


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