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Slightly access the properties


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i am overriding the tabs component.

i need to add a pathbrowser to the dialog.

The dialog is being fetched from /apps/core/wcm/components/commons/editor/dialog/childreneditor.

if i add a pathbrowser to it using the below code , the value is empty.

i figured out we need to give the value attribute.

But how can i retrive the value of the pathbrowser as the whole multifield is in repeating over the list. i got he cuurent node in ${item.name} but it is retrieving as string.

is it possible to parse the string and get the node in sightly.

<div class="coral-Form--Custom-path">

           <label class="coral-Form-fieldlabel coral-Form--Path">Enter Path</label>

           <span data-init="pathbrowser" data-root-path="/" data-option-loader="" data-picker-src="/libs/wcm/core/content/common/pathbrowser/column.html?predicate=hierarchyNotFile" data-crumb-root="">

               <input class="coral-InputGroup-input coral-Textfield js-coral-pathbrowser-input ng-pristine ng-valid custom-pathbrowser" placeholder="Enter path to resource" type="text" name="./${item.name}/urlField" value="${item.value}"

autocomplete="off" aria-owns="coral-1" ng-model="app.resource" ng-change="dirty()" ng-blur="blur()" id="coral-2" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" >

           <button class="coral-Button coral-Button--secondary coral-Button--square js-coral-pathbrowser-button" type="button" title="Browse">

           <i class="coral-Icon coral-Icon--sizeS coral-Icon--folderSearch"></i>




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You can use valuemap which is used to read node properties. More details at [1]

[1] HTL Global Objects