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Sites search customized not working for modified date


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we have implemented the new search predicate to get pages based on email id, and this predicate work's fine and passing the value to the query.

But when i combine this email id search with the modified date search, the pages are not getting display and the query passes the empty value in the modified date.

when we apply this scenario from top to bottom ( ie, applying the modified date 1st followed by email id) will filter the results properly, but when we apply the email id 1st followed by modified date is passing the empty value in the query, i have attached the query results, please advice how to fix this issue.

Query results of modified date pass as null.

  1. _charset_: utf-8
  2. p.guessTotal: true
  3. fulltext:
  4. type: cq%3APage
  5. 3_path: %2Fcontent
  6. 1000_group.p.or: true
  7. jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3Atags%40TypeHint: String%5B%5D
  8. orderby: path
  9. 320_daterange.lowerBound%40TypeHint: Date
  10. 320_daterange.upperBound%40TypeHint: Date
  11. 320_daterange.property: jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3AlastModified
  12. 320_daterange.breadcrumbs: jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3AlastModified+%7B%24lowerBound%7D+-+%7B%24upperBound%7D
  13. quickactions: WEEK
  14. 21_property: jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3Atemplate
  15. 21_property.breadcrumbs: Page+Type
  16. 6_property: jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3AlastReplicationAction
  17. 6_property.breadcrumbs: Publish+Status
  18. 7_property: jcr%3Acontent%2Fcq%3AlastRolledoutBy
  19. 7_property.breadcrumbs: LiveCopy+Status
  20. contentPath: %2Fcontent
  21. 420_property: jcr%3Acontent%2Fowneremail

  1. 420_property.1_value: admin@test.com
  2. location: site
  3. location.suggestion: Sites
  4. _: 1547810654861
  5. ----------------------------------

  1. Query results of modified date pass the value.
  2. p.guessTotal: true
  3. fulltext:
  4. type: cq:Page
  5. 3_path: /content
  6. 1000_group.p.or: true
  7. jcr:content/cq:tags@TypeHint: String[]
  8. orderby: path
  9. 320_daterange.lowerBound: 2019-01-11T17:04:46.229+05:30
  10. 320_daterange.lowerBound@TypeHint: Date
  11. 320_daterange.upperBound: 2019-01-18T17:04:46.229+05:30
  12. 320_daterange.upperBound@TypeHint: Date
  13. 320_daterange.property: jcr:content/cq:lastModified
  14. 320_daterange.breadcrumbs: jcr:content/cq:lastModified {$lowerBound} - {$upperBound}
  15. quickactions: WEEK
  16. 21_property: jcr:content/cq:template
  17. 21_property.breadcrumbs: Page Type
  18. 6_property: jcr:content/cq:lastReplicationAction
  19. 6_property.breadcrumbs: Publish Status
  20. 7_property: jcr:content/cq:lastRolledoutBy
  21. 7_property.breadcrumbs: LiveCopy Status
  22. contentPath: /content
  23. 420_property: jcr:content/owneremail
  24. 420_property.1_value: admin@test.com
  25. location: site
  26. location.suggestion: Sites
  27. _: 1547810654868
  28. sitesearch.png

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Level 10

Can you show the Syntax of your Query to better help the community know exactly what you are doing.