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sightly data-sly-resource to include rendering result of content page


Level 3

Hi , 

  I'm trying to include rendering result of a content page in sightly uing data-sly-resource tag like below 

 <article data-sly-resource"${contentpagepath/jcr:content/par.html}"


 With the above i'm able to see the result of the content page but it is taking ages to load the result . If the same page path i execute from a browser , like from browser if i execute http://localhost:4502/contentpagepath/jcr:content/par.html i can see the result in a second . 


Is using data-sly-resource right in my case ? Any pointers greately appreciated .

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Level 8

Try the following:

<article data-sly-resource="${'contentpagepath/jcr:content/par' @ resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}"></article>

Add "wcm/" if you're using the newer parsys.


Level 3

Thanks for your reply leeasing . 

  Even mentioning resourceType explicitly didn't help . It still loads slow . The same url if I try to access from browser , result is rendered very quick .Any other options that I can try or investiage ?