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Sightly condition check


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Hello all,

Below is my code.  actually i am displaying list of children (in 2 sections) on click in header navigation.

<ul class="nav navbar-nav" data-sly-list.level1="${header.mainNavPages}" >

<div class="col-md-3 col-sm-4">

<ul class="dropdown-list" data-sly-list.level2="${level1.children}">

<li data-sly-test="${level2List.index <= level1.mainNavForkIndexValue}"></li>



<div class="col-md-3 col-sm-4">

<li data-sly-test="${level2List.index > level1.mainNavForkIndexValue}"></li>



Now my requirement , i want to display same results in 3 sections, i want to segregate the list of children in 3 sections (3 divs).

Earlier  2 sections (50% in first sections and another 50% in 2nd section)

"${level2List.index <= level1.mainNavForkIndexValue}",   ${level2List.index > level1.mainNavForkIndexValue}">

Now 3 sections (30,30,40 or  33,33,34%)

I need suggestion for sightly condition on how to achieve this.

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Use Sling Model to return list(s) based on conditions. You can pass as level1.mainNavForkIndexValue parameter in Java and do all business logic there and return 3 lists.

Arun Patidar


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HI Arun,

Thanks for reply. I am just doing POC for this. I am passing string to sightly. But this is not working for me. Could you please suggest??

<div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="main-navbar" data-sly-use.mySlingModal="${'com.ingredion.aem.core.components.content.SlingFirst @ text='Some text'}">

@Model(adaptables = [SlingHttpServletRequest, Resource])

final class SlingFirst extends AbstractComponent {

   private String reversed;;

   public void init() {

  String text = get("text", String.class);

   reversed = new StringBuilder(text).reverse().toString();


   public String getReversed() {

   return reversed;