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Show different content based on the user group


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I just started out with Adobe Experience Manager and I'm trying to display different sets of content (pages / components) based on group(s) the user belongs to.

I need to accommodate 3 scenarios

  • Anonymous user see generic-content
  • Logged-in user belonging to group1 should see both content-item1,content-item2,content-item3
  • Logged-in user belonging to group2 should only see content-item1

I didn't found a simple way to put content on a page for specific group.

I did found a section in the docs on "Targeting a Specific Audience" using campaigns, but this seems to be overkill for the scenario described above.

Plus I could only create content for specific segments (based on user properties like gender,age,interest,country,language) but nothing really group-based.

Can somebody point me to an article/blog/doc that shows the preferred way to display group-specific content ?


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You need to create a campaign, create segments, and create the targeted content:


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You need to create a campaign, create segments, and create the targeted content:



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when you create campaigns you send parameters to Adobe Target to qualify for a particular criteria .. 

say for example you can send name value pairs as 'loggedInUser=anonymous' and display a particular content. 
By extending it, in similar fashion, you can send groupName='group1' & check if the rule qualifies for particular content. 
you can use 'equals to',  'not equals to', '&&' kind of criteria to qualify. To make it concrete .. you can extend it something like

groupName='group1' && groupName != 'group2'.

- Venu Gummadala


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Depending on your specific needs targetting can be a solution. But of course you could broaden the concept of closed user groups (CUG) to a component level. Although I wouldn't recommend it for some reasons (cacheability and maintainability of the permissions), but try to keep it on a page level.



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I'm not using Adobe Target. I'm using the AEM Quickstart. I guess I have 2 issues

1. How to define a criteria for filtering content

Initially I thought that filtering content could be easily done on the users group but it isn't as straightforward.

Another way would be to use an existing user property or define a new user property (ex: "groupName" or "userGroup)

I noticed that I can create segments based on user properties.

  • Generic Store Property (socialgraph,activitystrea,geolocation,.....) = X

  • User property (gender,age,interest,country,language) = X

Unfortunately I don't know 

  1. If this is the correct way to do it. (1. defining a segment, 2. configuring it so that it applies when user property Y = X,  ,  3. add a Personalization / Target component to a page)

  2. How to add customer user properties that I can filter on. I don't know where the Gender / Age / Interest / Country / Language fields and where I can change them.


Second issue:

2. Once I have something to filter on , what is the mechanism for putting content-specific stuff on a page.

I read about the personalization / target component that can be dropped on a page. Would that be a way to define "blocks" on a page that are only shown for a specific user.


Any pointers would be great.