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Set up local Dispatcher Tools by Adobe Docs


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)'s Dispatcher is a Apache HTTP Web server module that provides a security and performance layer between the CDN and AEM Publish tier. Dispatcher is an integral part of the overall Experience Manager architecture and should be part of local development set up.

The AEM as a Cloud Service SDK includes the recommended Dispatcher Tools version, that facilitates configuring, validating and simulating Dispatcher locally.

Dispatcher Tools is comprised of:
1. a baseline set of Apache HTTP Web server and Dispatcher configuration files, located in .../dispatcher-sdk-x.x.x/src
2. a configuration validator CLI tool, located at .../dispatcher-sdk-x.x.x/bin/validator
3. a configuration deployment CLI tool, located at .../dispatcher-sdk-x.x.x/bin/docker_run
4. a Docker image that runs Apache HTTP Web server with the Dispatcher module
Note that ~ is used as shorthand for the User's Directory. In Windows, this is the equivalent of %HOMEPATH% .

Note: The videos in this page were recorded on macOS. Windows users can follow along, but use the equivalent Dispatcher Tools Windows commands, provided with each video.

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Set up local Dispatcher Tools


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