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Servlet Calls 204 error in AEM 6.5


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Hi All,

After upgrading to aem 6.5.6(inplace from 6.5.6) i am facing with POST and DELETE calls are going to 204 instead of 302 or 200.


Please let me know if any came across this issue.



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Can you please add more details to this? Which POST requests exactly? What servlets are you hitting? What's going in the error.log?


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When am trying to hit with the above url am able to see the data.


Whem am accessing through application after upgrade am facing this 204 issues am not able see any errors related to this servlet.


I think youll need to investigate more. Does this happen on your local dev? Does this happen if you hit your custom servlet directly on AEM (vs. going through dispatcher)? What is the Request Progress log for this request (available in OSGi console)? Does your custom servlet have any code that could return a 204 response?


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Thank you for ur comments.But i have used the same code in vanila upgrade it worked successfully fo rinplace am seeing this issue and am able to see the json DATA is the akamail url i am hopiung there is an problem with aem.


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Can you expand a bit more when you say 'accessing through the application'? Is there a 3rd party or external system that is trying to access and consume data from AEM? HTTP 204 response = 'no content', which is what I would expect to get back from a successful preflight request from an outside application. Just curious if this is a possible CORS issue.


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castrolfastlane-supporttest-www.castrol.com -- there is a thord party application for login which is working fine.Even Get calls are working finr facing issue with post and delete calls in that is too only during inplace upgrade.Request is coming from dispatcehr to publisher from publisher we are not getting response back during the inplace upgrade

@santhoshm687661can you please provide the Request Progress Log for this request? This should help shed quite a bit of light of what's going on - ex. does it stop processing at the CORS filter, or some other Filter, or is it resolving to the incorrect servlet, etc.

There is no known issue with any version of AEM that turns non-204 responses to 204 responses. I understand that this used to work pre-upgrade and doesn't now - but you'll have to help w/ the investigation if you want to pinpoint and resolve the problem - else we're all just taking guesses

error.PNGPlease find the attached scree-shot and not able to see any post method in the requests.

@santhoshm687661 Note that the UI says it shows a maximum of 20 requests at a time. So here's what you need to do (and do these steps in rapid succession).

1. Tap the clear button on the Requests console (top right)

2. Trigger a POST to the end-point

3. Refresh the Requests console page

4. Click on the POST to the end-point


If this is a local instance, you can also use AEM Chrome Plugin to capture this data on a per-request basis (its actually immensely hands for development, IMO)




I have did all the above but still am seeing the same issue.

@davidjgonzalezzzz Please let me know still am facing the same issue and let me know if i miss something.

Looks like there are too many other requests coming in with that POST.


Can you try increasing the number of requests logged as described here?




Maybe try setting it to 50 or 100 -- just remember to turn it back to 20 after you've grabbed the logs though.

204.PNG204 error.PNGAm not seeing any of my servlet request is getting tracked in the above.

@davidjgonzalezzzz Please suggest if anything i am missing here.





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Am able to access the servlets directly with IP and Akamai URLS.


Only handshake with POST calls throwing 204.


@davidjgonzalezzzz Please let me know still if i miss anything.

Are you saying you can reproduce the issue by hitting AEM Publish directly via IP?


Do you have multiple AEM Publish instances? Are you sure the one you're getting Recent Requests for is the one you are hitting?


when am trying to access the API in publisher and Akamai url am getting the output with the success.


Whem am trying to perfrom operation in application for all the post calls am seeing the 204 issue.