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Security Update: Dynamic Media/Dynamic Media Classic TLS update


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This is regarding the Security Update for Dynamic Media/Dynamic Media Classic TLS update.

Adobe will be updating infrastructure to support further capabilities of Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic (p.k.a Scene7). From 30th April 2024, the following protocols will no longer be supported: TLS 1.0,TLS 1.1, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, and the list of ciphers for TLS 1.2 mentioned in documentation links shared below.
AEM 6.5
DM Classic.

This will impact Dynamic Media on Experience Manager Cloud Service, Managed services, On-Prem, Dynamic Media Hybrid and Dynamic Media Classic. Making API calls to Dynamic Media using old TLS protocols/ciphers connections will be impacted. This will also affect delivery where a set of old Browser + OS combinations (mentioned in documentation) which communicate using older ciphers will be blocked for delivery for the organization's customers. You will need to upgrade TLS to make the API calls successful.


if we making calls to Dynamic Media in our application, how can we check which TLS protocols/ciphers are being used to make the call so we can update them if they are outdated?

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You can check that directly using your browser or using any other network traffic analysis tool. 


Find the cipher using Chrome
  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Enter the URL you wish to check in the browser.
  3. Click on the ellipsis located on the top-right in the browser.
  4. Select More tools > Developer tools > Security.
  5. Look for the line "Connection...". This will describe the version of TLS or SSL used.

Hope this helps.


Esteban Bustamante