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SDI not working in AEM as a Cloud Service


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Hi All,


The SDI was working fine in 6.5. But after migrating same project to AEM as a cloud the SDI is not working.

I could see the SDI include after inspecting.

<!-- SDI include (path: /home/_jcr_content/root/header.nocache.html/project/components/structure/header, resourceType: project/components/structure/header) -->

But it is giving cached content in response.

Ideally, it should fetch dynamic content from the publish and serve it.

I am adding SDI for multiple components, none of them is working. 

SDI version : 3.1.2

I tried adding all the configurations as mentioned in below ticket :



Thanks in Advance



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Hi Arun,

I have added deny rule as well. And followed this documentation and added all the configurations. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/foundation/development/set-up-sling...


/rules {
  /0009 {
    /glob "*.nocache.html*"
    /type "deny"




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Can you also share how does the SDI cache file path looks like?

Arun Patidar


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HI Arun,


I am also facing similar issue. 

I have implemented SDI for header and footer which are experience fragments. After publishing the changes, we cannot see the changes immedietly on the site. We see the changes on some pages but not on some. It is serving the cached content for some


We are using fastly as our CDN and once we clear the cache for that page changes do reflect. We got the sitewide cache cleared as well but that did not help either.


Here is what the include looks like



We also have added the similar rule to deny the caching.


And here is what the cached path would look like if cached - 







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Then it is a CDN cache issue because Apache build a html response including SDI fragment and page and that cache to the CDN. you have to clear CDN cache manually/automatically if there are any changes on fragment.

Arun Patidar


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I´m facing same issue. Has anyone found a solution? could maybe use ESI intead SSI be the answer?


@nasrinj114 @arunpatidar 


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Somehow we couldn't resolve the issue. We stopped caching of the content since we needed dynamic content on the website for the users.