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Scaling Webinar/video content


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We have a lot of webinar based content ( 2 live webinars daily posted in EN/FR) on our site and the plan is to scale this over the next year. What is the best way for us to use AEM to manage/scale webinar content?


We currently have 3 jobs for each webinar - 1) Register 2) Replay coming soon 3) Posting replays. 


Appreciate any help in ways we can automate or help scale webinar content management/posting on site. 




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@tm131 - Would like to hear more about the usecase which has been implemented. Where are the videos uploaded? Is it directly playing from AEM DAM? If there are a lot of videos then it is recommended to use AEM with Dynamic Media which provides rich set of Video capabilities especially around caching and optimizing.

You can find more details here - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/assets/dynamic-media/dynamic-media-...