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SAML Authenticated page css is not loading properly


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We have two below login-based site. Lets say siteA & siteBand an we use SAML to authenticate with our Azure AD.

These two sites working perfectly when we hit the URL independently.

Actually siteB url is used in one of link in siteA.


Once we hit the siteA url it does the sso and landing the page correctly. If we click on the siteB link then it opens in a new-window and does the sso and landed with broken css. if we refresh the page then it loads the page correctly.


We have two SAML configurations configured and used for these below two sites.



Even we tried with two certalias created in Trust Store and used in SAML config that too didn't help.

What could cause the issue. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @saibul ,


Can you please tell us what error you are seeing in the console when css is broken?

Which version of AEM you are using?





Level 4

---------------------Server Info---------------------------------------------
OS: RHEL 7.6 (Maipo)
Server: AEM-6.5.1 SP-6.5.5
Dispatcher: (build 4.3.2/apache2.4-linux-x86_64-ssl)


No error captured in error.log or browser console.