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Runtime Multifield - Add Button Click doesn't work on 6.4


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In AEM 6.2, I have created a multifield that populates the fields on the dialog based on the drop down selection. The listener javascript looks like

On the dialog load

var TITLE = './title',

cMultiField = $dialog.find('coral-Multifield');

$cAdd = cMultiField.find('.coral3-Button--secondary');

Method on selecting the drop down,


The following code is under a loop, that create n number of fields based on the drop down selection.


$titleSelector = cMultiField.find('[name="' + TITLE + '"]:last');

The methods used for dialog load & dropdown change are calling properly. But the add button click is not creating the dynamic multifield on the fly. I have tried mousedown() method for the $cAdd and it didn't work either.

Can someone have the solution for this???

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